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The Transatlantic Relationship

Transatlantic Economy Report 2018

The Transatlantic Economy Report 2018 presents the most up-to-date facts and figures about the EU-US economic relationship. The research was conducted independently by Dan Hamilton and Joseph Quinlan of the Center for Transatlantic Relations, Johns Hopkins University.

The study includes dedicated profiles for 30+ European countries and all US states.

A good news story

The transatlantic economy is picking up steam. Both economies are coming closer as gaps in growth, employment and trade narrow.

COMING SOON: Thriving Together, an online platform showcasing the deep ties that bind Europe and the United States

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Key findings

Executive summary


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Highlights from Transatlantic Conference 2018

No two other regions in the world are as deeply integrated as the EU and the US.  The transatlantic economy is responsible for €5.2 trillion total commercial sales, and employs 15 million workers on both sides of the Atlantic.
A strong, vibrant EU-US relationship delivers growth and stability for our businesses and citizens. 

On Friday, 9 March, AmCham EU gathered top policy-makers and business leaders to discuss the future of the EU-US relationship at its annual Transatlantic Conference

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European AmChams visit DC to reiterate importance of Europe to the US

From 10-13 April 2018, AmCham EU and five European AmChams travelled to Washington, DC, to engage with a range of US policy-makers. The following week, 16-20 April, CEO Susan Danger participated in the annual AmChams in Europe (ACE) best practices conference held in Washington, DC and Chicago, IL.

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Outreach in Washington, DC


Transatlantic relations in uncharted waters?

'The economy on both sides of the Atlantic has been growing steadily for the past year. The EU and US are each other’s most important markets and together support 15 million jobs. The transatlantic relationship, however, is founded on more than just numbers.'


by Susan Danger, CEO, AmCham EU

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A new agenda for transatlantic economic cooperation

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