Ethics in AI: building a common European (and global) approach

11 Feb 2019
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Digital Economy

The European Commission has set an ambitious vision to foster the deployment of Artificial Intelligence (AI). At the same time, the pervasive and transformative nature of AI has brought questions about transparency, explainability and accountability to the top of the EU digital policy agenda. Addressing these important questions is the responsibility of industry and governments alike and requires a strong public-private partnership. 

AmCham EU reiterates its commitment to sustainable finance

4 Feb 2019
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Sustainable Finance Task Force

Given the co-legislators' ongoing discussions on the sustainable finance package published by the European Commission in May, and the importance of this project in the years to come, AmCham EU's January Plenary meeting was dedicated to showcasing our members' continued commitment to sustainable finance. 

Avoiding Brexit ‘cliff-edge’ the highest priority for US businesses

28 Jan 2019
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Brexit Task Force

Following the UK Parliament’s rejection of the EU-UK Withdrawal Agreement, discussions are currently ongoing in London on how to move forward. US companies are concerned that these developments still bring us no closer to an orderly exit of the UK from the EU.