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Executive Council

The Executive Council of AmCham EU (ExCo) is a forum for senior executives responsible for the European operations of some of AmCham EU’s largest member companies. The mission of the ExCo is to drive for the continuous improvement of European global competitiveness, through targeted dialogue at the highest levels between its members and senior policy-makers of the EU institutions, Member States, and international organisations.


Priority areas

ExCo focuses on driving European global competitiveness

To that end, ExCo has commissioned several independent research publications such as The EU Single Market which sets out the business case for deepening the Single Market through a series of concrete case studies, and The Case for Investing in Europe, a report outlining the opportunities and possibilities of investment in Europe. AmCham EU’s Agenda for Action 2024-2029 outlines the following priorities:


Chris Delaney



Malachy Tuohy


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