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European Green Deal

What our planet looks like tomorrow will depend on how we balance economic recovery and environmental protection today. AmCham EU companies are playing an active role in the transition towards a greener economy in Europe. With clearly defined targets, and a path for achieving them, our member companies will continue to be constructive partners in the definition and implementation of climate policies.

Transitioning to a greener economy will be the challenge of our time. The European Union has an ambition to lead the green transition and American companies are on board with Europe’s green way to the future. Our members are innovating today to achieve a more sustainable tomorrow. Check out the examples of steps our companies are taking towards Europe's greener future as part of our #EUGreenWay campaign!

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Reducing greenhouse gas emissions is an economy-wide endeavour, and requires a policy framework enabling sustainable growth, the pursuit of competitive advantages and innovation. Investment in infrastructure and new technologies should be at the forefront of the EU and national recovery measures.

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Encourage collaboration between authorities, civil society, academics and industry to adopt a holistic, fair and coordinated agri-food supply chain.

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Maintain the value of products, materials and resources for as long as possible, while protecting human health and preserving Europe’s competitiveness.

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Ensure a balanced approach to low-emission mobility and encourage the use of digital technologies in ensuring a competitive and clean transport sector.
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