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AmCham EU responds to the new Gender Equality Strategy 2020-2024

9 Mar 2020

On Thursday, 5 March 2020 the European Commission presented its new Gender Equality Strategy 2020-2024. The document sets out an ambitious plan to advance opportunities for women across Europe, allowing them to thrive and achieve success throughout their careers.

AmCham EU voices its support for gender equality and looks forward to working together with the European Commission, the European Parliament and the Member States on this crucial initiative.

Online launch of AmCham EU's Circular Economy Brochure

5 Mar 2020
All Committees

On Wednesday, 11 March 2020, we will be launching our new brochure, ‘The Circular Economy: 15 innovative industry solutions that drive a sustainable future’ which features a series of solutions, as well as recommendations for EU policymakers as they take steps towards building and implementing the new Circular Economy strategy. The online launch will be followed by an event, details will follow shortly. The brochure is being launched on the same day as the European Commission's new Circular Economy Action Plan which will seek to strengthen EU industry, help fight climate change and preserve the EU’s natural environment. 

AmCham EU’s position on Europe’s Beating Cancer Plan

5 Mar 2020
All Committees

With a member base from across various industries, we are well positioned to have input on healthcare-related legislation and we want to ensure that policies add value to and benefit the entire healthcare ecosystem. We have prepared a response to the European Commission Roadmap on Europe's Beating Cancer Plan. Find it here

AmCham EU delegation visit to Berlin

5 Mar 2020
All Committees

From Monday, 2 to Wednesday, 4 March 2020, a delegation of AmCham EU members and secretariat visited Berlin for a series of meetings with representatives of the German federal government and the German Bundestag. During the visit, they also met with the American Chamber of Commerce in Germany (AmCham Germany) and the Federation of German Industries (BDI). This visit occured ahead of the upcoming German Presidency of the Council of the European Union, commencing Wednesday, 1 July 2020. 

AmCham EU co-signs position on the EU 'Own Resource on Unrecycled Plastic Packaging'

24 Feb 2020
All Committees

AmCham EU has co-signed a Common Industry Association Position Paper on the EU ‘Own Resource on unrecycled plastic packaging’, with a wide range of actors from the packaging value chain in Europe. A total of 59 associations from around Europe have co-signed the position paper, you can find the position here. 

How the EU can lead in industry this decade

24 Feb 2020
All Committees

Maxime Bureau, Chairman of AmCham EU penned an op-ed to Our World that speaks to the need for a comprehensive industrial strategy in the EU. In the article, Mr Bureau outlined the importance of addressing challenges related to the skills gap, climate change and the future of the multilateral trading system. In the piece which can be found here, he also stressed that 'as global competition in manufacturing becomes fiercer, we need European industry to be competitive'.

The changing landscape post-Brexit: a view from third countries

24 Feb 2020
All Committees

On Tuesday, 18 February 2020 AmCham EU hosted a plenary event on The changing landscape post-Brexit: a view from third countries organised by the Brexit Task Force. The panel discussion aimed to shed light on how third countries are looking at EU-UK negotiations and the different challenges and opportunities that this process will bring to them.

Shaping Europe’s digital future

19 Feb 2020
Digital Economy

In its ‘shaping Europe’s digital future’ communication released today, the European Commission outlines a comprehensive strategy to unlock the potential of data and digital technologies. The American Chamber of Commerce to the EU (AmCham EU) supports this approach which aims to piece together the many building blocks needed for a successful digitisation of the European economy.  

AmCham EU secretariat heads to Strasbourg during European Parliament Plenary session

17 Feb 2020
All Committees

On Tuesday, 11 February 2020, Susan Danger, CEO, Roger Coelho, Senior Policy Director and Roberta Brumana, Senior External Relations Adviser, headed to Strasbourg during the European Parliament Plenary session. 

2021 VAT e-commerce package - Business needs certainty and transparency

14 Feb 2020
All Committees
Customs & Trade Facilitation

On Thursday, 13 February 2020, AmCham EU sent a letter to Stephen Quest, Director General of DG TAXUD, requesting greater transparency on the progress of the 2021 VAT e-commerce package and its implementation. This comes following the instruction of the European Council to the European Commission to complete an assessment by the end of 2019 of the EU’s readiness to implement the changes necessary to meet the 1 January 2021 deadline.

Transatlantic relations beyond the EU: The role of AmChams in Europe

11 Feb 2020
All Committees

As of Wednesday, 1 January 2020, Susan Danger has been confirmed Chair of the AmChams in Europe network for the 2020-2022 period. AmChams in Europe is an umbrella organisation that encompasses 45 AmChams from 43 countries across Europe. AmCham EU is one of the members of this network. The position of Chair is a rotating post, with a two-year tenure. Susan takes over from Patrik Mikkelsen of AmCham The Netherlands after his tenure came to an end at the end of 2019.

Read Susan's latest LinkedIn article on her new position as Chair of AmChams in Europe. 

AmCham EU co-signs a call for Members of the European Parliament to ratify the EU-Vietnam Agreements

11 Feb 2020
Trade & External Affairs

The EU-Vietnam FTA: Opportunities for European and Vietnamese business, consumers and workers growing better together

Following on from the strong support of the International Trade committee on 21 January 2020, the undersigned business associations respectfully request that Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) consider the benefits for both sides and approve the EU-Vietnam Free Trade Agreement. Support from the European Parliament on this deal would lead to increased partnership and dialogue as well as expand cooperation globally and with Vietnam.

AmCham EU reacts to US decision to expand steel and aluminum tariffs 

10 Feb 2020
All Committees

Friday, 7 February 2020. The American Chamber of Commerce to the EU (AmCham EU) regrets the decision of the United States to expand steel and aluminium tariffs to include derivatives items such as nails and cables, as of 8 February 2020.  

Broadening the scope of steel and aluminium tariffs could add tensions at a sensitive time when bilateral trade negotiations are restarting between the EU and the US. They risk triggering a tit-for-tat dispute that would be detrimental to both sides. AmCham EU also advocates for a permanent exemption for the EU from tariffs on imports of steel and aluminium. 

Susan Danger, AmCham EU CEO, calls for clarity on Brexit day

3 Feb 2020
All Committees

Three and a half years after the referendum, the United Kingdom left the European Union on Friday, 31 January 2020. Susan Danger, AmCham EU CEO stressed that moving forward, we need clarity, an ambitious future relationship, and we must avoid barriers while working together. For more, see her video here.  


Post-Brexit: time for a strong, ambitious and comprehensive EU-UK relationship

30 Jan 2020
All Committees
Brexit Task Force

As the United Kingdom leaves the European Union tomorrow, the American Chamber of Commerce to the EU (AmCham EU) calls on the EU and the UK to deliver a strong, ambitious and comprehensive future economic partnership.

The path ahead for corporate disclosure and green finance in the EU

29 Jan 2020
All Committees

On Tuesday, 28 January 2020, AmCham EU hosted a plenary meeting organised by the Sustainable Finance Task Force. The debate took stock of the main developments in sustainable finance policy, most importantly the negotiations on the taxonomy file. The panel discussed, among others, issues related to just transition, the Green Deal as well as climate diplomacy. 

AmCham EU visits member company's Dow site in the Netherlands

28 Jan 2020
All Committees

On Monday, 27 January 2020, the entire AmCham EU secretariat visited the Dow site in Terneuzen, the Netherlands. The secretariat met some of the staff at the new Diamond Centre, toured the manufacturing plant and discussed many topics including inclusion and sustainability. It was incredibly valuable to understand the work of one of AmCham EU's member companies as well as being a highly interesting and educational visit. 

AmCham EU CEO Susan Danger elected Chair of AmChams in Europe network

24 Jan 2020
All Committees

As the new Chair of the AmChams in Europe (ACE) network, Susan Danger walks us through her new role and its potential to communicate the importance of the transatlantic relationship beyond the Brussels Bubble. See Susan’s video and find out more about ACE and about her vision for the future which includes peace and prosperity through collaboration, creativity, communication and critical thinking. Read more.

AmCham EU joined the 21st Annual State of American Business event hosted by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce

10 Jan 2020
All Committees

On Thursday, 9 January 2020 the U.S. Chamber of Commerce hosted the 21st Annual State of American Business event. Through real-time video integration in a series of live watch events across the United States and around the world, AmCham EU was present and actively participated in the American business watch party.

You can watch the full event here.

AmCham EU’s Plenary meeting discusses the 2021 VAT reform for e-commerce

16 Dec 2019
All Committees
Customs & Trade Facilitation

On Wednesday, 11 December 2019, AmCham EU hosted its customs Plenary meeting. The discussion this year focused on the upcoming 2021 VAT reform for e-commerce in the EU. The keynote address was delivered by Ana Hinojosa, Director of Compliance & Facilitation, World Customs Organization (WCO). She gave her perspective on the ‘small package tsunami’ created by the advent of e-commerce and the challenges it brings to customs administrations around the world.