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Financial Services

The Financial Services Committee aims to provide constructive input to the on-going process of financial services regulatory reform at the EU level. Working closely with the EU institutions, the Committee promotes convergence of financial services regulation in the EU and US, the preservation and extension of the Single Market, and the stabilisation and strengthening of the transatlantic financial marketplace.


Committee priorities:

Financial Services


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Current issues

Transatlantic convergence and extraterritoriality of financial services regulation:

  • EU-US trade and economic relations
  • Extraterritoriality of financial services regulation
  • Joint EU-US Financial Regulatory Forum
  • Third-country issues in financial services and market openness

Capital Markets Union and implementation of financial services regulation:

  • Central Counterparty oversight
  • Central Counterparty Recovery and Resolution
  •  European Market Infrastructure
  • Investment Firms Review
  • Financial transaction tax
  • FinTech

Banking Union & wider reforms to EMU:

  • European Banking Union
  • Risk Reduction Measures
Sectors represented
  • Investment firms
  • Credit institutions
  • Retail banks and insurance companies
  • Corporate issuers
  • Accountancy services
  • Law firms
  • Consultancies
  • Financial services data vendors