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US business at the forefront of the future of work, education and skills

19 Mar 2018
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With the onset of globalisation, disruptive technological innovation and demographic trends, we are witnessing profound changes to global, European and national labour markets.

This will significantly affect the sort of work that will be carried out by future labour forces, as well as the educational backgrounds and skills required to succeed in the workforce. While these trends and developments might be associated with significant challenges, it is clear that there are unparalleled opportunities on the horizon.

With a membership of US businesses operating across the globe, AmCham EU is uniquely positioned to showcase what US industry is actively doing to strengthen the resilience of the labour markets and improve the adaptability of the workforce.

Education and Skills is one of the key flagship initiatives of AmCham EU in 2018. The work under this initiative will be carried out by what was previously known as the Employment and Social Affairs Committee. In order to better suit the needs of the membership and achieve the set out goals, the committee has been transformed into a smaller, leaner and more dedicated task force. Namely, the Future of Work, Education and Skills (WES) Task Force.

Not only has the structure, name and membership composition seen a revamp, but the task force also enjoys a new leadership to help guide it. The Chair of the task force is Laurin Sepoetro (UBER), supported by three Vice-Chairs: Christian Koenig (UPS), Fredrik Sjögren (IBM) and Natasa Sbrizaj (3M).

Through a series of targeted seminars, workshops and other initiatives, the new task force will look to bring industry experiences, expectations and recommendations directly to policy-makers and other stakeholders in the EU and the Member States. The new formation will be circulating its messaging and recommendations on these issues not only through its own activities but also through other valuable channels, such as the Executive Council and a comprehensive communications campaign, led by our secretariat.

AmCham EU and its new Task Force are eager to contribute to the discussion and together demonstrate the need for implementable actions in the areas of future of work, education and skills.

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