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Brexit Task Force submits response to UK House of Lords inquiry on future EU-UK relationship

4 May 2018
All Committees
Brexit Task Force

The UK’s impending withdrawal from the EU continues to raise fundamental questions for US companies and their investments in Europe. 

American businesses – who are heavily integrated in both the UK and the EU – require certainty about the path forward for the new relationship. To this end, AmCham EU has submitted its response to the UK House of Lords EU Select Committee’s Inquiry into the future UK-EU relationship. The response calls for increased clarity in the Brexit process and for policymakers and stakeholders on both sides to work towards an ambitious future partnership that builds on the deep and comprehensive links that underpin existing ties.

Read the response here

AmCham EU continues to follow the negotiations closely and is providing constructive input to both parties throughout this process. For more information, please contact Tim Adamson, Senior Policy Adviser (