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International best practices in privacy regulation (ext part)

23 Oct 2018 16.15 CEST - 23 Oct 2018 17.30 CEST
Digital Economy
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All in this together: Applying international best practices in privacy regulation to enhance global compliance

As more countries create or update privacy regulation, interoperability should increasingly be at the forefront of policymakers' minds. Now is the time to start identifying those best practices that can facilitate cooperation amongst privacy frameworks and make compliance across borders more straightforward. Some key areas of discussion will include: global privacy principles, cross-border data flows, data breach notification and reporting, and enforcement. As part of this discussion, the US Chamber of Commerce and Hunton, Andrews Kurth LLP will also present a new paper on international best practices around data breach notification.


Welcoming remarks:

Maika Fohrenbach

Senior Policy Advisor,

AmCham EU

Kara Sutton

Director, Global Connect,

Center for Global Regulatory Cooperation,

U.S. Chamber of Commerce


Keynote: Noah Philips


U.S. Federal Trade Commission

Geff Brown

Associate General Counsel,


Nasreen Djouini

Policy Advisor, ITA, U.S. Department of Commerce


Travis Hall

National Telecommunications and Information Administration Policy Analyst, U.S. Department of Commerce

Junichi Ishii

Director for International Affairs, Personal Protection Commission (PPC), Japan

Caroline Louveaux

Chief Privacy Officer, Mastercard


Lisa Sotto


Hunton Andrews Kurth LLP

Dale Sunderland

Deputy Commissioner,

Irish Data Protection Commissioner


Tanguy Van Overstraeten

Partner, Linklaters,

and Board member, AmCham EU

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