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AmCham EU

25 Jan 2023
All Committees

It’s been two years since the UK left the EU’s legal and institutional framework and along with it, the Single Market, the Customs Union and a host of other economic, scientific, educational and social initiatives. As 2023 begins, governments, businesses and citizens on both sides of the Channel are still grappling with the fallout. 

AmCham EU

17 Jan 2023
All Committees

For Europe and the world, 2022 was a tumultuous year. The undercurrents of uncertainty that defined last year have not disappeared – Russia's war on Ukraine, higher energy prices, looming trade tensions and the prospect of economic slowdown will continue to be top of mind for businesses, consumers and policymakers across the continent.

Susan Danger

AmCham EU
5 Jan 2023
All Committees

Whether you ate 12 grapes at midnight, watched the ball drop in Times Square or went to sleep early, a fresh year is upon us, brimming with new possibilities – and old challenges. Last year started off optimistically with hopes for a transition from the worst of the COVID-19 pandemic to economic recovery.

AmCham EU

16 Nov 2022
Digital Economy

A decade of digital innovation has reshaped the way the world works. Over the course of the last ten years, Europe's digital economy has undergone massive changes – from the rise of digital services to the growing importance of big data and artificial intelligence.

AmCham EU

14 Jun 2022
Responsible Business Conduct

The extent of due diligence

Let’s say a consumer wants to know what’s in the granola bar that he or she is about to eat. Easily enough, one can flip the packaging around and read through the information, ranging from the number of calories to the list of ingredients and their micros and macros.

Riccardo Masucci

Issue lead for semiconductors and the EU Chips Act, Digital Economy Committee
7 Jun 2022
Digital Economy

Chips are at the heart of the European Commission’s new strategy to strengthen the semiconductors supply chain and protect Europe’s standing as a world leader in technology.

AmCham EU

13 May 2022
Transport, Energy & Climate

As the EU debates a Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM), the world will be watching for its impact on international trade, European industry’s competitiveness and global climate objectives.

Simona Popa

Chair, Intellectual Property Committee
25 Apr 2022
Intellectual Property

To some, intellectual property (IP) is an abstract and ambiguous concept, but in fact, it is a crucial driver of the global economy, responsible for 90% of the value of firms in the S&P 500.

Jens-Henrik Jeppesen

Issue Lead for Artificial Intelligence, Digital Economy Committee
17 Mar 2022
Digital Economy

Given its outstanding potential, Artificial intelligence (AI) is known as the ‘new electricity’.

AmCham EU

26 Jan 2022

Proliferation of labelling requirements for waste disposal across the EU Member states is impeding recycling efforts. The revision of the EU’s Packaging and Packaging Waste Directive provides a chance to design an EU-wide approach to waste sorting and empower consumers by putting them at the centre of recycling efforts.