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Position paper - AmCham EU's position on contracts for the supply of digital content

3 May 2016
Consumer affairs
Digital Economy

AmCham EU welcomes the Commission’s proposal on digital content. However, further work needs to be undertaken to ensure that the proposed rules are to effectively deliver the promised benefits to consumers and traders of all sizes. In particular, the introduction for the first time of the monetisation of data is a worrying development, which could impede rather than boost the data economy in Europe. We are also concerned with the disproportionate level of harmonisation. The relationship with other relevant existing rules should also be further assessed. We look forward to working with the European Parliament, the Council, and the Commission to develop the proposed text to ensure that it will drive online cross-border consumer transactions and consumer confidence.

For further information on this position paper, which was led by the Consumer Affairs Committee, please contact Pierre Bouygues ( or Timothy Adamson ( at the AmCham EU secretariat.