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UK MP Chris Leslie commends AmCham EU Brexit input

24 Jan 2018
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EU-UK Task Force

Prominent UK MP for Nottingham East Chris Leslie has provided the following testimonial regarding AmCham EU’s Brexit advocacy.

'AmCham EU have clearly assessed the impact of this major policy change affecting the UK and businesses accessing European markets through their activities in Britain. It has directly contributed to the legislative consideration we have made in our parliamentary debates and I’d like to put on record my appreciation to AmCham EU for their diligence and fresh thinking. A thorough analysis was provided by their briefing – but more importantly some potential solutions and ideas also raised, which helped inform the amendments I tabled in the House of Commons. Certainly an impressive team!' – Chris Leslie MP, January 2018.

The testimonial follows submissions by AmCham EU to the following UK consultations on Brexit:

  • Our response to the UK House of Lords EU Committee inquiry on Brexit: deal or no deal?
  • Our response to the UK House of Commons inquiry on Continuing application of EU trade agreements after Brexit

For more information on AmCham EU’s Brexit work, read our comprehensive position or visit our dedicated Brexit page.