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Town Hall: We need increased transatlantic cooperation more than ever

30 Apr 2020
All Committees

For the fifth edition of its ‘Town Hall’ for members, AmCham EU connected with Phil Hogan, Commissioner for Trade, European Commission. 

The Commissioner shared his insights on the COVID-19 emergency and highlighted that this public health crisis affects all countries and all people. He added that the outbreak has proven beyond any doubt that we rely on the global arteries of trade to deliver vital goods like medicine and food to where they are needed and he is therefore, convinced that this outbreak has only amplified the need for more transatlantic cooperation

Additionally, Commissioner Hogan noted that a global economic response would have to incorporate the need for stronger trading rules at the international level to create a predictable and stable economic environment. In his view this includes: maintaining an independent dispute settlement function at the World Trade Organization (WTO), redoubling efforts to bring the e-commerce negotiation to a successful conclusion and addressing unfair practices to ensure a global level playing field. You can read his full remarks here