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A Europe open for market-led investment from abroad – AmCham EU on the EU Investment Screening proposal

19 Jun 2018
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Trade & External Affairs

In its latest position paper, AmCham EU assesses the EU’s proposal to introduce an EU-wide framework for foreign investment screening and provides concrete recommendations to ensure that the EU remains open for business.

US businesses recognise the valid public policy concerns sought to be addressed by the EU’s proposal, including that foreign investments should take place in Europe according to market-based principles. If implemented correctly, it should ensure that Europe remains open for market-led investment from abroad by complying with international law. It should also improve information-sharing and coordination, and ensure that the balance of power remains with EU Member States. Some improvements could be made, however, so that administrative burdens are kept to a minimum, no unnecessary delays occur and that the screening process ensures the appropriate level of confidentiality. AmCham EU looks forward to discussing these issues with European legislators as the process moves forward.

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