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AmChams in Europe: COVID-19 crisis and economic recovery

4 May 2020
All Committees

Last Thursday, 30 April 2020, the AmChams in Europe network hosted a virtual event on the COVID-19 crisis and economic recovery. This webinar featured a panel discussion with Emanuel Adam, Executive Director, British American Business; Eveline Y. Metzen, General Manager, AmCham Germany; Peter Dahlen, Managing Director, AmCham Sweden and Simone Crolla, Managing Director, AmCham Italy. 

Susan Danger, Chair, AmChams in Europe and CEO, AmCham EU moderated the event which saw the participation of over 300 members, AmChams in Europe colleagues and stakeholders from both sides of the Atlantic.


The discussion demonstrated the need for dialogue, information sharing and coordination between different national contexts to help succeed and re-boost the economy and focused on:

  • How national governments are tackling the COVID-19 emergency and preparing to lift lockdown measures to help the economy;
  • How the AmChams in Europe are communicating with governments to share concerns and information while providing continued support to their members; 
  • Looking ahead at the next phase of the economic recovery plans, there is a need for international dialogue and coordination to ensure a uniform approach to the emergency; and
  • The importance of a collaborative approach between business and government.