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AmCham EU publishes its cross-sectoral position on the EU-UK future relationship

28 Apr 2020
All Committees
Brexit Task Force

The EU and the UK are currently in the midst of negotiations of their future relationship beyond the end of the current transition period. AmCham EU members have compiled a position paper, comprising horizontal and sectoral recommendations for negotiators. As American businesses heavily invested in the EU and the UK, AmCham EU stands for an ambitious and forward-looking EU-UK relationship, built on mutual trust and cooperation.

While it is clear that  ambitions have changed with respect to the past, AmCham EU calls on negotiators to seek an ambitious and comprehensive future partnership. We support a deal comprising zero tariffs, zero quotas, and zero barriers. Any deal should maintain regulatory alignment where possible, in order to minimise obstructions to the integrated supply-chains of businesses currently operating across the Channel. Divergence for divergence’s sake must be avoided, in order to prevent prohibitive costs to doing business. An outward-looking EU single market as well as a strong EU-UK alliance on global standards are also critical to US business moving forward. 

For more, read our full position and view our infographic