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AmCham EU members talk digital with MEPs in Strasbourg

4 Jun 2018
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Digital Economy

On Tuesday, 29 and Wednesday, 30 May 2018, the AmCham EU Digital Economy Committee hosted a delegation of 11 members at the European Parliament’s monthly plenary meeting in Strasbourg.  

Over the course of two days, the participants had a chance to exchange views with 19 MEPs, policy advisors and assistants from across the political group spectrum.

The aim of the dialogue was to raise policy priorities around the digital economy for AmCham EU members, starting with privacy and security. On the EU Cybersecurity Act, ahead of the upcoming ITRE vote, we reiterated the importance of an inclusive and market-driven approach on EU certification. Developments around the e-privacy proposal, a file which continues to raise concerns about its applicability, remain uncertain as the Council has not yet taken any position on file. In addition, discussions on electronic evidence are starting in the European Parliament, and AmCham EU looks forward to continue the engagement on this important topic.

Furthermore, members emphasised the importance of free flow of non-personal data across all sectors of the economy and the called for a swift adoption of the European parliament position. Good discussions were also held on how to foster emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain as well as address concerns around their impact.

The AmCham EU Digital Economy Committee travels to Strasbourg on a regular basis to bring together the US business community and Members of the European Parliament on key digital files.  

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