Discussing financial services in Paris and London

12 Apr 2024
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Financial Services

On Monday, 8 and Tuesday, 9 March, an AmCham EU delegation visited Paris and London to discuss financial services. The delegates met with representatives from a range of organisations including the European Banking Authority, European Securities and Markets Authority, French Treasury and His Majesty's Treasury. Top of mind during both sections of the delegations was the implementation of Basel rules, development of a fully integrated Capital Markets Union, as well as facilitating digital finance. 

Fostering competitiveness with the EU Pharmaceutical Legislation

11 Apr 2024
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To be truly future proof, the revision of the EU Pharmaceutical Legislation must enable the European Union to remain globally competitive and attractive for investments and innovation. AmCham EU, which speaks for American companies committed to Europe, views the European Parliament’s position adopted on Wednesday, 10 April in the plenary session as an improvement upon the European Commission proposal in its recognition of the importance of an improved regulatory framework for innovative companies.

Building investment harmony across the EU

8 Apr 2024
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The Proposal for a new Regulation on the screening of foreign investments is a welcome step towards greater harmonisation of foreign investment screening rules in the EU. However, to safeguard Europe’s attractiveness as an investment destination while protecting sensitive technology areas, national regimes must be better aligned, and investors must be provided with a clear legal framework, strong due process rules and effective reviews. Read how we can enhance transparency and investor confidence across the EU.