Leadership update

17 Jan 2022
Agriculture & Food
Intellectual Property
Transport, Energy & Climate
EU-UK Task Force
Diversity and Inclusion Task Force

AmCham EU is pleased to announce the results of the elections that took place from December till mid-January and welcome new and re-elected leaders. We wish successful terms to Carsten Dannöhl (Caterpillar); Nicola del Valle de Sousa Gavaia (McDonald’s); Alexander Majer (First Solar); Simona Popa (InterDigital); Sofia Trenor (Amazon); and Felix Uedelhoven (GE). 

The Secretariat would also like to thank those who are stepping down for the extraordinary work they completed during their terms: Kate Ballentyne (former Chevron); Veronika Bendere (MSD), who remains as Chair of the Diversity and Inclusion Task Force; Luca Bellomo (MSD); Taggart Davis (JP Morgan Chase Co), who remains as Chair of the Transatlantic Taskforce and Vice-Chair of AmCham EU's Board; Walter Van der Meiren (UPS), who remains as Chair of the Customs and Trade Facilitation Committee; and Benjamin Neyt (LVMH).

More details about the leadership changes mentioned above can be found here.  

Recommendations to the French Presidency

14 Jan 2022
All Committees
Presidency Group

On January 2022, France took over the rotating Presidency of the Council of the European Union. Despite impressive efforts to get vaccines into the arms of the majority of citizens, Europe now finds itself in the midst of a fresh wave, which is further complicated by the emergence of the new Omicron variant of the virus. As Member States begin to obtain disbursements of the historic NextGenerationEU recovery instrument, the French Presidency is taking on a critical task in overseeing the substantive rebuild of Europe’s economy around the twin transitions of environmental protection and digitalisation. Our recommendations to the French Presidency aim to ensure we reach our common goals of a more prosperous and more competitive EU.

Forging Europe’s recovery together: inclusivity

11 Jan 2022
All Committees
Diversity and Inclusion Task Force

COVID-19 has created a crisis with deep socio-economic consequences and groups like women, youth, immigrants and people with disabilities have been disproportionally affected by the impacts of the pandemic. Inclusion should be at the heart of Europe’s recovery. Aliki Foinikopoulou (Salesforce), Vice-Chair, Diversity and Inclusion Task Force, AmCham EU discusses how closing the skills gap, designing upskilling programs for the workforce and creating more job opportunities will ensure the EU’s just and inclusive recovery