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European Parliament Outreach

The European Parliament Outreach Task Force complements the work of AmCham EU’s committees by shaping advocacy on horizontal issues and facilitating outreach to the European Parliament, strengthening ties between AmCham EU and Members of the European Parliament (MEPs), their national affiliates and national delegations in the European Parliament. The Task Force also aims at developing closer relations with the leadership of the five main political groups in the European Parliament as well as the five main European political parties.  

We have published key recommendations for the European Parliament that take into account challenges like navigating Brexit, the rise of populism and the EU's need to demonstrate the ability to take the lead and deliver for European citizens. As the effects of digitalisation and globalisation, which have only been highlighted by the ongoing pandemic, continue to transform our economies, societies around the world are pressured to become more resilient. 

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Agenda for Action 2024-2029
Current issues
  • Engage with: the MEPs of the five main parliamentary groups that AmCham EU has not met yet; the permanent employees of the Parliament; the leadership of the European political parties; and their think tanks. 
  • Engage with campaign coordinators from the main EU political parties for the 2024 EU elections. 
  • Monitor the national elections in Europe and engage with EU stakeholders to discuss their impact on the EU as a whole. 
  • Coordinate the development of the AmCham EU Manifesto ahead of the 2024 EU elections.