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Position paper - Regulation on a space-based secure connectivity programme

14 Dec 2022
Security, Defence & Space


The EU’s space-based Secure Connectivity Programme, adopted in October 2022, will create a low earth orbit mega-constellation to service Europe, Africa and the Arctic through high-speed broadbands. In order to create a successful constellation that adequately integrates shared standards and security, EU policymakers should priorities key aspects when developing the legislation for the system, including:

  • Fomenting transatlantic cooperation in the development of this project.
  • Carefully assessing public private partnership contracts with appropriate competition and the relevant authorities.
  • Ensuring eligibility conditions for non-EU established or based entities fully align with all EU programmes (eg European Defence Fund, Horizon Europe).

To read more about the Security, Defence and Space Committee's priorities on the Secure Connectivity Programme, download our position paper below.