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Position paper - Delegated act on the European Sustainability Reporting Standards

10 Jul 2023
Sustainable Finance

Please find below our response to the Commission's call for feedback on the draft European Sustainability Reporting Standards.

AmCham EU fully supports regulatory efforts to provide a reliable framework for companies to report on sustainability. However, the Commission should consider the following additional steps to allow companies to report in a fair, useful and informative manner, without creating undue burdens:

  • Implement additional phase in of reporting requirements in recognition of the challenges companies face in analysing and reporting on the breadth of non-financial information, beyond climate-related disclosures.
  • Broaden the scope of the safeguards and exemptions for disclosures that could risk company security or require exposure of commercially sensitive or valuable information.
  • Provide targeted streamlining and adjustments for workable disclosures that are effective and aligned with sectoral legislation.
  • Simplify requirements for entity-specific reporting requirements and disaggregation at the geographical level.
  • Facilitate greater consistency with international standards.
  • Provide further clarity and proposals on specific disclosure requirements to enhance comparability and consistency of information disclosed.
  • Support implementation through guidance and restrict sector-specific standards to a limited set of necessary alternative or additional datapoints.