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US business: Brexit negotiations should uphold market access and legal certainty

29 Mar 2017

Following the official notification today by the UK of its intent to leave the EU, the American Chamber of Commerce to the EU (AmCham EU) underscores the importance for US businesses of a successful outcome to the Brexit talks.

We are ready and willing to assist the EU negotiators and the Member States in this important process.
It will be essential to agree an orderly withdrawal, avoid regulatory divergence and maintain as far as possible the deep and comprehensive trade ties that underpin the EU-UK relationship. AmCham EU is committed to a strong and unified Europe. Notably, the integrity of the Single Market – the key driver for foreign direct investment –  should be preserved.
Susan Danger, CEO, AmCham EU, stated: 'We have only one key interest here: We want the best possible deal between the EU and the UK – for businesses and citizens alike. We are fully committed to do everything in our power to help negotiators reach an outcome that takes into account economic and employment consequences.'

The EU and the UK are indispensable partners for US companies in today's globalised world. We provide goods and services across Europe and want to continue to do so in the future. In 2016, investment in Europe by US companies reached more than €2 trillion, supporting more than 4.5 million jobs.


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