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Uniting for a greener future at COP28

27 Nov 2023
All Committees

From Thursday, 30 November, leaders from around the world will convene in Dubai for the 2023 United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP28) to discuss strategies for accelerating progress toward the Paris Agreement’s goals. These conversations are critical as we witness the concrete consequences of climate change across the globe. 

AmCham EU endorses the objectives of the COP 28 conference and the emissions reduction targets outlined by the Paris Agreement. American companies in Europe are actively engaged in developing innovative low-carbon technologies, promoting green finance and minimising their environmental footprint. Along with these positive steps, there is an ongoing need for stronger collective action. Only through continued dialogue between world leaders from developed to developing countries and stakeholders from small and medium-sized enterprises as well as global corporations can we transition to a low-carbon economy and address the climate crisis.
Initiatives in the EU and the US to build sustainable, prosperous and resilient economies are commendable and should be enhanced by deep and sustained transatlantic cooperation. Given the volatile global environment, transatlantic unity is needed more than ever. In this spirit of cooperation, American companies in Europe are committed to collaborating with policymakers to foster a successful green transition around the world.