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Uniting for diversity: founding the Legal Diversity and Inclusion Alliance

18 Feb 2021
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Diversity and Inclusion Task Force

Steptoe and Johnson Director Kathleen Van Nuffel is co-founder of the Legal Diversity and Inclusion Alliance (LDIA). Counting 46 law firms, LDIA is committed to eliminate discrimination in the workplace, promote an inclusive organisational culture and take tangible actions. Check out Kathleen’s personal account of what motivated her to found the LDIA, and how it contributes to a more inclusive society in our latest video.

Diversity and inclusion are important business priorities for AmCham EU and its members. In July 2020 we held a discussion with Commissioner for Equality, Helena Dalli, to mark the publication of our ‘Uniting for diversity: Industry contributions to a more inclusive society’ brochure. Stay tuned for more videos showcasing our companies’ contributions to diversity inclusion at our dedicated webpage!