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Setting the stage for the Chips Act

15 Feb 2023
All Committees

On Monday, 13 February, the European Parliament has confirmed the mandate of the Rapporteur to start negotiating its position on the European Chips Act with the Council of the European Union. AmCham EU welcomes this development and praises the efforts made by all the political groups within the European Parliament to build broad consensus on the report. The EU Chips Act will foster investments that the EU urgently needs in innovative semiconductor manufacturing to strengthen Europe’s resilience. 

In order to achieve this, we call for the following points to be considered by policymakers during the trilogues.

Firstly, a clearer timeline for state-aid applications approval by the European Commission and fast-track permits procedures in Member States will help timely develop a more geographically diversified, sustainable and resilient semiconductor supply chain in Europe.

Secondly, it will be crucial for some additions to be kept within the final text, such as a definition of ‘crisis’,  strong ‘last resort’ safeguards in pillar 3, a narrow list of critical sectors and a ‘right to be heard’ for manufacturers subject to emergency measures.

Thirdly, AmChamEU supports amendments aimed at further strengthening international cooperation with likeminded third countries (i.e. the US) and the robust involvement of industry in the EU Semiconductor Board activities.

AmCham EU stands ready to support EU policymakers and encourages a swift adoption of the Act.