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Remembering D-Day, 80 years later

6 Jun 2024
All Committees

In 1944, tens of thousands of American and Allied service members stood shoulder to shoulder on the beaches of Normandy in an operation that would ultimately lead to the liberation of Europe and restore peace to the continent. 80 years later we remember their sacrifice and the shared values they fought for: democracy, rule of law and human dignity.  

The ties that were forged 80 years ago between Europe and the US are just as crucial now as they were then. The transatlantic economy is the largest and wealthiest in the world. Moreover, political and cultural alignment between Europe and the US remains a bulwark against geopolitical tensions, economic stressors and violent conflicts close to home and around the world.  

When Europeans and Americans cast their ballots – this weekend or in November – it is partly thanks to a partnership that was affirmed eight decades ago. As we commemorate the past, let us remember that the values embedded in this deep and lasting relationship are fundamental to shaping a better world for tomorrow.