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Let's talk trade

18 May 2022
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Trade & External Affairs

On Tuesday, 17 May AmCham EU hosted an event to discuss the future of EU trade policy and how to bridge the gap between European and local levels. Despite the size, importance and strength of trade, the benefits of globalisation are often questioned. Exports - supported by trade relationships like the $1.1 trillion transatlantic partnership - support one in seven jobs in the EU. Yet, trade disputes and rising protectionism continue to pose real threats to the support of international trade in Europe. In order to provide prosperity to citizens in a changing economy while contributing to the green transition, panelists highlighted the importance of cooperation between policymakers, business and other stakeholders.

The panel featured Cristina Falcone, Vice-President Public Affairs Europe, UPS; Heidi Hautala, MEP (Greens/EFA, FI) and Andrey Kovatchev, MEP (EPP, BG), and it was moderated by Thibaut L'Ortye, Director of Public Affairs, AmCham EU.

To further understand how international exports impact regional employment and production, read AmCham EU’s study, Exporting to the World, EU Regions and Trade.