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Invested in Europe: How IBM is bridging the digital skills gap

14 Jul 2023
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Future of Work, Education & Skills

World Youth Skills Day on 15 July is a timely reminder of the need to equip everyone - including young people – with the skills they need to access and thrive in on the labour market. Both government and private sector have a key role to play in tackling the digital skills gap. As part of a holistic investment in the future of work, IBM SkillsBuild, a free education programme, is changing this status quo, by incentivising a skills-first approach and fostering diversity and inclusion. This programme has helped 1.72 million registered participants globally gain valuable new skills and access new career opportunities. Many of these participants come from some of the very populations that are underrepresented in technology today: girls, women, disadvantaged communities and refugees. Learn more about this and other stories of American companies’ commitment to the communities they interact with and the places they call home on Invested in Europe.