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Intellectual Property Action Plan

1 Sep 2020
Digital Economy
Intellectual Property

As the European Union faces unprecedented geopolitical, economic and health challenges, it has become increasingly necessary to identify key pillars that will support not only the economic recovery, but that also pave the way towards EU leadership on the global stage. We believe that intellectual property (IP) is one of these key pillars. A robust IP system based on strong IP rights (IPR) and appropriate enforcement drives European research, manufacturing, employment and innovation and attracts capital to innovative and creative enterprises.

In addition, IP-intensive industries create high-value and long-term jobs. In order to further strengthen European IP protection, AmCham EU wishes to make the following recommendations: complete the Unitary Patents System; strengthen the enforcement of IPR; adapt the EU framework to an increasingly digital ecosystem; and modernise the EU design legislation. AmCham EU looks forward to continuing the dialogue with EU policymakers on the IP Action Plan. Find out more details from our consultation response