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Impact of COVID-19 on cancer care and research

16 Mar 2021

AmCham EU provided a response to the open consultation of the BECA (Beating Cancer) Committee of the European Parliament. The consultation addresses the impact of the COVID-19 health crisis on cancer care services and patients. Focusing on both the short- and long-term impacts of COVID-19 the consultation looks at: provision and continuity of care during the pandemic for cancer treatment and screening; lifestyle; the impact on patients and care providers; and related matters on data, research and innovation to improve cancer treatment and healthcare systems in the future. Read our consultation here.

AmCham EU has highlighted the need for: investment in holistic healthcare systems which support both patients and care givers and have the resilience to guarantee continuity of care even when faced with a pandemic; modernised healthcare infrastructure which is fit for digitalisation and in particular the need to accelerate the standardisation of electronic health records and the electronic patient dossier for efficiency reasons; policies which support healthy lifestyles; and investment in next generation medical devices and manufacturing processes to provide access to innovative treatments to Europe citizens in the future, including the suggestion of a new mission as part of Horizon Europe focused exclusively on health systems innovation.