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How can companies and institutions support employee well-being?

18 May 2021
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Diversity and Inclusion

On Tuesday, 11 May AmCham EU hosted an event entitled 'Mental Health in the post COVID-era: exploring how companies and institutions can support employee well-being'. The event brought together decision-makers, practitioners, experts and researchers to provide an overview of how the pandemic has affected employee mental health and what toolboxes business can use to support their workforce.

The event opened with an keynote remark by Maria Walsh, MEP (EPP, IE). Ms Walsh illustrated the importance of the European Parliament’s work on the right to disconnect and highlighted other important initiatives around mental health brought forward by EU lawmakers.

Subsequently, panel speakers highlighted that company culture plays a fundamental role in shaping how companies set out to help their employees deal with burn out and productivity challenges. At the same time empowering individuals to speak up when they are struggling with mental illness is crucial to ensure that workplaces globally are seen as safe environments. Finally, panelists also outlined potential public policy action to contrast the increase in mental health issues, which included innovative budgeting techniques as well as encouraging mental health trainings in the workplace.

AmCham EU remains committed to raising awareness and promoting industry best practices about mental health in the workplace.


  • Susan Danger, CEO, AmCham EU
  • Simon Dwyer, Organisational Psychologist, CHS (Community Help Services)
  • Laura Luchini, Associate Vice-President, EMEA Regional Head, Global Clinical Trial Operations, MSD
  • Shunta Takino, Junior Counsellor and Analyst, Directorate for Employment, Labour and Social Affairs, OECD
  • Alvine Tremoulet, Global Diversity & Inclusion lead, Pfizer
  • Maria Walsh, MEP (EPP, IE), Co-Chair, European Parliament Mental Health and Wellbeing Coalition


  • Elizabeth Krahulecz (EY), Chair, Diversity & Inclusion Task Force, AmCham EU