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Future of Work: Supporting business sponsored upskilling and reskilling

4 Apr 2019

On Wednesday, 3 April AmCham EU’s Future of Work, Education and Skills Task Force hosted its first roundtable discussion on supporting business sponsored upskilling and reskilling. The event also served as the launch of its new one-pager on the same topic. 

The event examined how institutions, companies and civil society can work together to set up effective upskilling and reskilling pathways in today's fast changing work environment. The panel featured institutional speakers João Santos, Deputy Head of Unit at DG EMPL and Augustin Mihalache, Chair of the Education Working Party of the Council of the EU, who provided an update on the EU's work around upskilling and reskilling. Company representatives Roxana Popa (UiPath) and Claudia Selli (AT&T INC) showcased examples of how companies can support the workforce in navigating the ongoing transition. Speakers underlined the importance of creating the right incentives for individuals to be motivated to pursue life long learning. Financing also came up as a critical aspect: whereas we need an increase in EU budget for skills in the next MFF, applications for funds should be made more user-friendly to guarantee a larger demand.

If you have any questions regarding the forthcoming Future of Work roundtable series, please contact Emilie Bartolini at