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Friend-shoring: Boosting Supply Chain Resilience

16 Dec 2021
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Transatlantic Task Force

To discuss the future of  EU-US cooperation, Susan Danger joined a panel titled 'Reshoring or “Friend-shoring”: Boosting Supply Chain Resilience' at the Transatlantic Business Works Summit organised by the US Chamber of Commerce. The panellists highlighted the challenges that global supply chains are facing today and emphasised the importance of a strengthened transatlantic partnership in securing critical production and distribution.

The discussion, moderated by John Murphy, Senior Vice-President, International Policy, US Chamber of Commerce, included: 

  • Susan Danger, CEO, AmCham EU  
  • Christian Hoffman, Head of Geopolitics and International Relations, Siemens  
  • Greg Slater, Vice President of Government and Regulatory Affairs, Intel