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EU proposes first-ever legal framework on Artificial Intelligence

21 Apr 2021
Digital Economy

The European Commission announced today a comprehensive proposal for regulating artificial intelligence (AI) across the European Union. AmCham EU supports the European Commission’s objectives to enable uptake of trusted AI applications and ensuring a harmonised EU approach. AmCham EU welcomes the important risk-based approach to regulating AI, and our member companies will now take time to thoroughly assess the proposal. We look forward to working with all parties to ensure governments, businesses and citizens will reap the benefits of AI.

Abstract AI network

AI can help solve some of the world’s biggest challenges – from healthcare research, to mobility, and energy consumption. AI requires a risk-based, use case specific approach focused on high-risk AI applications. It also requires the right level of investment, and there is an opportunity for the EU to lead in the development of an AI ecosystem and to promote the development of responsible AI solutions. You can read more on AmCham EU’s position in our response to the White Paper on AI here.

The European Union is set to be the first region globally to set a legislative framework for AI, and this framework is likely to influence policy direction in other regions. AmCham EU would like to encourage a continued, active transatlantic and global discussion to promote a harmonised, international approach.  We look forward to contributing to this important dialogue.