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Cybersecurity with the experts

3 Apr 2023
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Digital Economy

On Friday, 31 March, AmCham EU met with the National Institute of Standards and Technology Agency (NIST) to discuss work on digital identity. The meeting focused on the work being done on electronic ID cards and an overview on the EU-US Trade and Technology Council. They also discussed and gave updates on Cybersecurity Framework 2.0, Internet of Things Cybersecurity guidance and the Privacy Framework. The session then concluded after a Q&A and industry suggestion session with AmCham EU members.  

During the discussion, attendees heard from Dylan Gilbert, Privacy Policy Advisor; Amy Mahn, International Policy Specialist; Kat Megas, Program Manager, NIST Cybersecurity for Internet of Things (IoT) Program and Cheri Pascoe, Senior Technology Policy Advisor, National Institute of Standards and Technology Agency.