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Cross-industry statement on the need for a transition period for the implementation of the Batteries Regulation

22 Jul 2021
All Committees

On Thursday, 22 July, AmCham EU co-signed a statement on the need for a transition period in the implementation of the Batteries Regulation. The European Commission’s Proposal for a Batteries Regulation is an important step towards achieving the objective of improving the sustainability of batteries, whilst protecting the Single Market. The co-signers of this statement are committed to supporting the EU’s transition towards sustainable batteries and ensuring that the review of the batteries legislation is a success.

Within our joint statement we note the lack of an adequate transition period within the Regulation. This poses a number of risks such as an inadequate implementation of new requirements, competitive disadvantages and negative employment impacts for certain EU manufacturers as well as the potential waste of already manufactured, well-functioning products or spare parts. Coupled with the lack of certainty over the final text of the legislation and the extent of the changes, the lack of transition period leads the co-signatories to encourage co-legislators to provide economic operators the necessary time to duly implement due requirements.

The co-signatories look forward to continuing to work with the EU institutions and stakeholders towards further improving the EU Batteries legislation to achieve the goals of the Green Deal whilst ensuring industry has the adequate time to adapt to new requirements.