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Chemicals Strategy for Sustainability: a targeted implementation continues to be the priority

11 Oct 2022
Consumer affairs

The future direction of the Chemicals Strategy for Sustainability (CSS) has been publicly debated over the last few days, including the question of a potential delay or moratorium on the revision of REACH. While the economic and geopolitical conditions in Europe have certainly worsened this year, the American Chamber of Commerce to the EU (AmCham EU) continues to support targeted improvements to existing chemicals legislation, grounded in science and better regulation principles. 

Throughout the CSS process, we have advocated for proportionate solutions to achieve the European Commission’s objectives, while protecting industry’s ability to innovate and remain competitive. We have provided concrete proposals to the Commission in our responses to the public consultations on REACH and CLP. Just last week, we have published additional proposals specifically linked to the reform of REACH Authorisation and Restriction. Regarding CLP, we have consistently supported addressing new hazard classes first under the United Nationals Globally Harmonized System (UN GHS), to promote an international level playing field and prevent barriers to trade. We understand the Commission is nevertheless pressing ahead with new hazard classes under CLP, before waiting for discussions to take place at UN GHS. We will be providing input and suggestions for improvement on the new hazard classes through the Commission’s request for feedback.