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Building trust and partnerships in the EU

20 Oct 2022
All Committees

On Thursday, 13 October, Stefano Marmo, Senior Policy Manager, AmCham EU, joined AmCham Ukraine to share how business professionals and policymakers can form long-lasting, productive partnerships. Alongside Tetyana Prokopchuk, Vice-President of Policy, AmCham Ukraine, Stefano demonstrated how the AmChams in Europe (ACE) network coordinates to communicate the importance of the transatlantic economy in both Europe and the US.  

The pandemic and the war in Ukraine, they explained, have only served to bolster solidarity and coordination in the ACE network. Encouraging transatlantic, and international, cooperation on key issues, like the twin transition, supply chains, trade and energy prices are more important than ever. AmCham EU and the ACE network continue to stand with Ukraine, recognising the role of the private sector in present and future humanitarian and rebuilding efforts. For more on AmCham EU and the ACE network’s views on the war in Ukraine, visit #StandWithUkraine.