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Associations’ role in shaping transatlantic dialogue on sustainability legislation

19 Sep 2023
All Committees

On Monday, 18 September, Thibaut L’Ortye, Public Affairs Director, AmCham EU, moderated the European Society of Association Executives (ESEA) panel titled 'A Transatlantic Look at Sustainability Legislation’. The discussion centred on the key role associations play in the sustainability efforts of both industry and government on both sides of the Atlantic. Prompted by his questions, the panel shared their views on the key policy areas for their membership and the importance of communications campaigns in connecting the public with their work.  

Joining the panel was Aurora Abad, Secretary General, OPTA Europe; Paolo Falcioni, Director General, APPLiA; Megan Funkhouser, Senior Director of Policy, Tax and Trade,The Information Technology Industry Council; and Eric Holdsworth, Managing Director, Clean Energy and Environmental Policy, Edison Electric Institute.