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AmCham EU signs the Antwerp Declaration, joining in the call for a more competitive EU

27 Mar 2024
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Businesses need clarity, predictability and confidence in Europe and its industrial policy. That’s why we have signed the Antwerp Declaration for a European Industrial Deal to lend our voice to the chorus calling for a more competitive and resilient EU. Aligning with our recently launched Agenda for Action, the declaration calls for strengthening the Single Market, a focus on elevating competitiveness as a strategic priority in European industrial policy and to create incentives for business to invest in low carbon technologies. Learn more about the declaration and how it can incentivise investment in Europe. 

Tangible industrial policy proposals in the next mandate must be anchored around a shared understanding and commitment to renewing Europe’s industrial competitiveness. By drawing on the parallel strength of a transatlantic economy that is worth over €6.5 trillion and employs 16 million workers, we can rebuild Europe's attractiveness. 

A European industrial policy must have material impacts that strengthen the Single Market, remove barriers faced by business and enhance European competitiveness as a bloc. Anything less than this will have the effect of undermining the case for businesses to continue to invest in Europe. The new political cycle offers a unique opportunity to put the issue of Europe’s attractiveness – represented by frameworks like the Single Market – at the centre of the EU’s strategic agenda.