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AmCham EU presents at TTIP stakeholder event round 10

17 Jul 2015
Trade & External Affairs

Andreas Galanakis, AmCham EU Policy Director, spoke on regulatory cooperation at the Transatlantic Trade & Investment Partnership stakeholder event. Andreas stated that AmCham EU believes TTIP is a great opportunity to create a framework for transatlantic cooperation that could reduce or eliminate unnecessary regulatory divergences. Doing so will also facilitate business for those already engaged in the transatlantic economy, but also broaden the opportunities of smaller businesses which do not currently trade across the Atlantic.

AmCham EU is advocating for the creation of an institutional mechanism for future regulatory cooperation, to enforce commonly accepted principles and regulatory best practices, and pave the path towards future cooperation. An agreement that encourages a risk based approach for regulations, using the principles of sound science, risk assessment and risk management, and transparency is vital.