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Customs & Trade Facilitation

The Customs and Trade Facilitation Committee supports changes to legislation which aim to provide standard simplified customs procedures and systems to be implemented across the EU. Such procedures and systems are beneficial to both customs and trade, as they facilitate the movement of goods, encourage compliance with customs rules and enable more effective use of both business and customs resources. This would provide a platform for business operating in Europe to remain competitive in international trade. 

AmCham EU strongly advocates for an effective partnership between customs, traders and third parties within international trade. As such, the CTF Committee has been an active participant in the various consultation processes on customs.

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Current issues
  • Provide constructive input to key players on the reform, implementation and future revision of the Union Customs Code and its provisions. 
  • Ensure streamlined and coherent customs policy that makes trade as smooth as possible. 
  • Advocate for the true harmonisation of customs infringements and sanctions that only impose fines in cases of proven gross negligence or intentional fraud, which should only be collected on the basis of unpaid or underpaid duties, not on the basis of the customs value. 
  • Implement a system-based and harmonised approach to future cross-border relationships. 
  • Promote clear rules of origin in order to ensure regulatory certainty. 
  • Ensure Europe remains at the forefront of the global e-commerce revolution, balancing the needs of businesses and consumers while maintaining safety and security. 
Sectors represented
  • Law firms
  • Corporate

Working documents

26 Jan 2023
World Customs Day: statement by members of the Trade Contact Group Advising Directorate-General for Taxation and Customs Union